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Pinner Architecture, PLLC

Pinner Architecture is an architectural, interior design and planning firm located in Long Island, New York. Lawrence H. Pinner (architect) and Sheryl Pinner (architectural interior designer) formed Pinner Architecture in 1989. Since its inception, the firm’s practice has been diverse with much repeat work in the planning and design of midrise residential buildings, commercial interiors, cultural and educational facilities, senior residential water front buildings, restaurants and specialty retail interiors. 


The firm is represented by a “hands-on” design team of professionals who have developed a reputation for quality design, responsiveness and integrity. The company has been involved with architectural design, interior design, engineering, construction management, and landmark projects.

Architectural Interior Design

Our Architectural Interiors Department headed up by Sheryl Pinner, has recently transformed many residential and commercial lobbies into attractive spaces that welcome you when you arrive by incorporating the latest materials lighting and interior planting solutions. We have won awards for a unique building design in Gramercy Park, and for a historic renovation in the flat iron district.


We have worked with many corporate clients for commercial interior space and provided planning and design services as well as remodeling for retail shopping malls and restaurant design. 

Presently we are restoring an interior for landmark synagogue in the East Village.

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